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Welcome to Eternal Destiny!

We are a friendly, mature, casual EQ2 guild here to have fun!  We like to group and help each other out.  We craft to supply our friends and alts with potions, armor, furniture or whatever we can.  Someday we may do mini-raids or ally with a larger guild for raiding, but that is way down the road.  We like to experience as much of EQ2 as we can and enjoy ourselves.

The Guild Hall is in North Qeynos!  We will need to deposit status points in the door in order to afford the amenities for the GH.  The amenities in GH are:  Beacon (Call to GH), Bell to Norrath, Wizzie Portal Dude, Harvest Depot, Rush Order Agent, Banker and Broker.  These will allow us to travel to HQ or writ locations and do tradeskill writs to help level the guild.  The crafting area is located downstairs with a full set of crafting tables.  We will likely get have a Fuel Merchant and a couple of Gatherers at level 40.

I hope everyone has a great experience with Eternal Destiny!  Any time you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to ask.  Let us know what Heritage Quests you are on or the ones you would like to do and we will organize some groups and have some fun doing them!

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